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Perhaps you are feeling discouraged because there is too much fighting, or you feel sad and lonely because there is not enough closeness. Maybe you are dealing with an affair or an addiction. We can help you!

Dare to Hope

We get that your marriage, your family, is most important to you. We know how to help you, your family and you as a couple to re-build, strengthen your connections, and heal the wounds in your close relationships.

Change is Possible

If you want to strengthen your relationship and you want to work with someone who KNOWS how to get right to the heart of things, call us.

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We work with a wide range of ages (children, teens, & adults) dealing with various challenges and dilemmas. We believe in tapping into the natural strengths of each us, working together, and developing ways that can help us enjoy life and each other more fully. We look forward to meeting you! Feel free to browse our website to get to know us more and see if a professional from The Woodlands Center for Couples & Families would be a good fit for your current needs.

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